4.14 Acknowledgements

Illustrations from 2012 by Kazunori Tanaka. Illustrations from 2018 provided by authors.

A very special thanks goes to: Sony Pictures Imageworks Rob Bredow, for this opportunity to contribute in a public forum. Erik Strauss, Bob Peitzman, the Katana team, and Imageworks’ artists. All contributors to OpenColorIO, including Malcolm Humphreys, Ben Dickson, Mark Fickett, Brian Hall, and Sean Cooper. The Foundry The Academy’s Science and Technology Scientific and Technical Council, including Ray Feeney, Alex Forsythe, and Andy Maltz. Josh Pines, Stefan Luka, Alex, and Joseph Slomka The Visual Effects Society Jeremy Selan is an Imaging Supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks specializing in color, lighting, and compositing. His work has been used on dozens of motion pictures including The Amazing Spider-Man, Alice in Wonderland, and The Smurfs. Jeremy is a co-founder of Katana, and also the founder of OpenColorIO. His work on color processing has been previously featured in GPU Gems 2, Siggraph 2005’s Electronic Theater, and the 2012 Siggraph Course, Cinematic Color.