4.13 Software

This is a list of software applications mentioned elsewhere in the document. It is not intended to be comprehensive. Nor should it be taken as an endorsement of one particular application over another.

4.13.1 Open Source Software

DCRAW, Dave Coffin Open source raw development software, giving greater control of image processing than is available in manufacturers’ software. It also permits bypassing of many of the ’sweeteners’ often included, and thus allows decoding to a more pure scene-referred image. https://www.cybercom.net/ dcoffin/dcraw/

OpenColorIO See Section 4.2 above http://opencolorio.org

OpenImageIO An open source library for reading, writing and manipulating image files, with particular emphasis on formats used in VFX, and not supported in standard image reader/writers. https://openimageio.org

4.13.2 Commercial Software

After Effects, Adobe

Baselight, FilmLight

CryEngine, Crytek

Flame, Autodesk

Fusion, Blackmagic Design

Lattice, Video Village LUT creation and conversion application for Mac OS. https://lattice.videovillage.co

LightSpace, Light Illusion Display calibration software for Windows, which is also able to create and manipulate LUTs. https://www.lightillusion.com

LiveGrade, Pomfort Mac OS software for controlling LUT boxes to grade a live signal and save the grades and other metadata to be applied elsewhere. Works together with other software from Pomfort for managing metadata and creating dailies. https://pomfort.com/livegradepro

Lumberyard, Amazon

Lustre, Autodesk

Mistika, SGO

Nuke, Foundry

Nucoda, Digital Vision

On-Set Dailies, Colorfront

Prelight, FilmLight

Resolve, Blackmagic Design

Unity, Unity Technologies

Unreal Engine, Epic Games